Utility organizations are under constant pressure to improve their business operations and worker safety

Utility organizations are under constant pressure to improve their business operations and worker safety, as well as reduce their costs while maintaining reliable services for their customers. At the same time, customers and regulators are putting pressure on to keep electricity prices low.

Information Technology and Communication solutions can help utilities organizations achieve these goals, and laroccasolutions is proud to offer thier knowledge into Utility market by delivering high-availability, mission critical communications for utilities.

Tait is developing a new generation of digital voice and data solutions that can be deployed to enhance worker safety and improve efficiency for utility organizations.

We have a thorough understanding of the business drivers for utilities organizations and have created wireless communication solutions that provide both practical and innovative ways to achieve and improve your KPIs

Our extensive engineering and planning services portfolio addresses the radio frequency network planning needs of:

  • Monitor performance parameters from multiple remote sites / RTUs
  • Support all your serial and IP / Ethernet SCADA traffic requirements
  • Advanced GUI for each configuration and management
  • Flexible topology: each unit can be base station, repeater or remote unit
  • Suitable for all SCADA applications across energy generation, storage and distribution
  • Industry-leading reliability for relaying critical information throughout utility networks
  • Carrier-class performance combined with high capacity for dependable, real-time communications
  • Flexible interfaces for all types of voice, data and IP traffic, and easy integration with existing communications networks

Our smart SCADA solutions makes your SCADA network future-proof, particularly important today as the SCADA world becomes more complex, with growing security concerns and environmental performance requirements. Incorporating comprehensive multi-layered security and based upon industry standards, our Solutions supports all your serial, IP and Ethernet RTUs and provides unbeatable network efficiency and performance.

Our proposals are also ideal as a stand-alone link for a variety of utility applications including teleprotection, telephone, mobile radio, LAN, VoIP and video. Its low total cost of ownership means that it outperforms satellite and high frequency microwave communications, virtually eliminating operational expenditure.